Hydro Ergro Set

Recommended for all crops, Hydro Ergro Set additive root enhancer optimizes initial fertilization. Its ability to absorb several times its weight, and then apply hydration based on need, makes Hydro Egro Set a must for crops that face hydration challenges. More

Ergro Set LSS

With nitrogen and other essential micronutrients, Ergro Set LSS helps plants assimilate fertilizers, while increasing microflora root formation. Designed to be applied as a mixture with liquid soil fertilizers. More

Ergro Set 20G  

As an additive to granular fertilizers, Ergro Set 20G contains humic and fulvic acids, which improve the assimilation of soil fertilizers. This increases microflora and root formation. Egro Set 20G is an essential part of any initial fertilization program. More

Liquid Foliar

Ergro Crop

Ergro Crop contains macro and micronutrients essential for plant nutrition that promote and stimulate plant growth. Completely soluble in water, Ergro Crop is applied via foliar spray using your normal fertilizer systems. More

Ergro Stim

A foliar and seed spray designed to promote the vital functions of the crops, Ergo Stim stimulates foliar mass development, helping prevent flower abortion while aiding flower polinization. Soluble in water and designed to be applied via foliar irrigation, Ergro Stim can also be applied to seeds. More

Ergro Amin L

A technically balanced formulation with amino acids, fulvic acids and other well  known plant nutrients, Ergro Amin L  increases cellular permeability to promote more vigorous plants, resulting in higher quality and increased yields. Ergro Amin L can be applied by either foliar  or directly to the soil through your irrigation system. More

Ergro Soil L-40

This compound includes organic substances from decomposing organic matter, resulting in a mix of humic acids and a high fulvic acid content. More

Ergro Kel Calcium

Kel Calcium is from a line of foliar micro nutrients chelated with EDTA , Fulvic Acids, complimented with Magnesium and Boron. The chelated product maintains the elements in a soluble form which is not ionized, resulting in maximum assimilation by the plants. More


Solid Foliar

Ergro Fol

Ergro Fol contains balanced concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, combined with micronutrients and fulvic acids. The fulvic acids in the formulation provide supplemental plant nutrition while helping maintain soil moisture. More

Ergro Win

Enriched with fulvic acids, the high percentage of phosphate in Ergro Win promotes strong flowering and fructification while nitrogen improves growth. The dramatically increased cellular permeability of plants improves assimilation of nutrients and fertilizers. Apply Ergro Win using normal foliar application system. More

Ergro K Excel

Ergro K Excel is a foliar nutrient with high concentrations of phosphorous and potassium, complemented with boron and zinc. These nutrients correct deficiencies due to poor soil quality or growing conditions. More