Ergro® Crop

  • Ergro® Crop is a new foliar biological growth promoter developed by a hightechnology fermentation process. Composed of enzymes, digested protein, macro and micronutrients in balanced concentrations, and enriched with fulvic acids, Ergro® Crop promotes natural development of plant hormones, which increase metabolic functions and growth.


  • Harmonic plant development, from growth stage until harvest.
  • Activates the plant physiology, including hormones in the plant.
  • Better plant development in aerial part and in the roots.
  • Promotes hormone balance within the plant, stimulating an ordered flower and fruit formation.
  • Has a great impact in the floral differentiation, pollination, and fruit formation, reducing abortion and deformation.
  • Harmonizes plant metabolism, generating synergism with nutrients.
  • Improves nutritive content and uptake.
  • It is the only product of its type that does not contain hormones, which facilitates compatibility with other products (including iodine) for balanced and consistent results.
  • Helps plants withstand adverse and stress conditions such as high or low temperatures, humidity, dry weather, illness and disease.
  • Increases the quantity and the quality of crops.

Mode of Action

  • Promotes natural development of the hormones within the plant, facilitating its metabolic functions.
  • Generates increased cellular activity, enabling development and growth in the plant.
  • Fulvic acids make nutrients more readily assimilated by the plant.
  • Can be absorbed via plants’ foliage (stems, leaves, flowers and fruits).
  • When used in soil applications, it can be absorbed by the roots for efficient nutrient take up.