Ergro® K Excel

Ergro® K Excel is a foliar nutrient with high concentrations of phosphorous and potassium, complemented with boron and zinc. These nutrients correct deficiencies when applied properly. It also contains micronutrients and fulvic acids which provide supplemental plant nutrition while helping maintain soil moisture. Ergro® K Excel is recommended for use in all kind of crops.


  • Provides the necessary nutrition to cover plant needs in maturity and fruit filling stages.
  • Increases cell permeability for better uptake and fruit development.
  • More uniform fruit, with more flavor, aroma and sugar content.
  • Improves hardiness of fruits.
  • Extends shelf life.
  • Increases the quality and quantity of the crops.

Mode of Action

  • Nutrients penetrate via the stomas of foliage and stems, delivering the necessary phosphorous and potassium at maturity and fruit filling stages.
  • Includes fulvic acids, which help transport nutrients throughout the plant.