Ergro Kel Calcium

Kel Calcium is from a line of foliar micro nutrients chelated with EDTA , Fulvic Acids, complimented with Magnesium and Boron. The chelated product maintains the elements in a soluble form which is not ionized, resulting in maximum assimilation by the plants.

• Ergro Kel Calcium is recommended for use in all types of crops.


  • Provides necessary nutrition to cover plant needs in all growing stages; growing, flowering, maturity.
  • Increases cell permeability for better nutrient uptake and plant development
  • More uniform fruit, and stabilizes the wall, more flavor, aroma, and sugar content.
  • Improves hardiness of fruits
  • Extends shelf life.
  • Increases the quality and quantity of the crops.

Mode of Action

Ergro® Kel Calcium:

  • Nutrients penetrate via the stomas of foliage and stems, delivering the necessary calcium, magnesium, and boron at all stages for growth in the plant.
  • Includes fulvic acids, which help transport the nutrients throughout the plant.