Ergro® Set 20G

  • Ergro® Set 20G is an additive designed to optimize the initial fertilization program. Recommended for all agricultural crops, Ergro® Set 20G is designed to be mixed with all type of granular soil fertilizers.
  • Added to granular fertilizers, it has chemical, organic and biological ingredients, enriched with organic substances. Contains fulvic acids from vegetal origin, considered the best organic matter available.
  • Formulated with an inert organic mineral with high-absorption capacity.
  • Facilitates nutrient assimilation through the roots.
  • Applied in the first edaphic fertilization, Ergro® Set 20G maximizes take up of nutrients.


  • Activates and conditions soil fertilizers, making them easier to assimilate. In addition, it has chelating agents that capture and transport nutrients within the plant.
  • Promotes better rooting and penetration of pivot roots while generating more absorbent root hairs for better nutrition.
  • Provides organic matter and increases microbial flora, making the soil more soft, creating a better environment for nutrient transport.
  • Helps plants withstand adverse conditions, such as damage by disease, illness and weather conditions, for strong, healthy plants.
  • Enhances seed germination for more uniform plant emergence.
  • Improves soil structure.
  • Increases cationic exchange.
  • Better plant development, flowering, and fruit formation.
  • Increases quantity and improves quality of crops.

Mode of Action

  • Ergro® Set 20G is impregnated in an inert granular compound compatible with the size of granular fertilizers.
  • Its double-action formulation combines an immediate effect upon contact with the soil humidity with a slow-release action that gradually releases ingredients in liquid form.
  • As nutrients (native and added) become available for assimilation, Ergro® Set 20G helps plants absorb them.
  • Ergro® Set 20G is available at the rizosphere, allowing nutrient take up through plant and foliar areas.
  • The content of fulvic acids facilitate a quick response within the plants.
  • Acidic pH helps avoid pathogenic organisms at the root level.
  • Improves effectiveness of insecticides and fungicides.
  • Works very well in acidic and alkaline soils.
  • Note: when mixed with urea, apply immediately; do not store the mixture of Ergro® Set 20G with urea, as this mixture is very hygroscopic. If used with capsuled or slow-release urea, there is no reaction.