Ergro® Set LSS

  • Fertilizer additive designed to be applied to the soil to optimize initial fertilization.
  • Recommended for all agricultural crops.
  • Added to liquid fertilizers, it has chemical, organic and biological ingredients, enriched with organic substances. Contains fulvic acids from vegetal origin, considered the best organic matter available.
  • Improves the nutrient assimilation through the roots.
  • It is designed to be applied in the first soil fertilization, generating maximum take up of nutrients. It can also be applied via irrigation systems (like drip irrigation, channel water), or sprayed directly to the plant.


  • Activates and conditions soil fertilizers making them more available for the plant with chelating agents that capture and transport the nutrients within the plant.
  • Promotes better rooting and penetration of pivot roots while generating more absorbent root hairs for better nutrition.
  • Provides organic matter and increases microbial flora for softer soil and a better environment for the nutrient transport.
  • Helps plants withstand adverse conditions, such as damage by disease, illness and weather conditions, for strong, healthy plants.
  • Enhances seed germination for more uniform plant emergence.
  • Improves soil structure.
  • Increases cationic exchange.
  • Eliminates calcium carbonates in drip irrigation systems.
  • Breaks the superficial tension generated by salts, allowing humidity bulbs to form in the soil.
  • Better plant development, flowering and fruit formation.

Mode of Action

  • Immediate action with fast plant response enabling plants to assimilate nutrients as they become available.
  • Ergro® Set LSS is available at the rizosphere, allowing take up of nutrients through plant and foliar areas.
  • Fulvic acids facilitate quick response within the plants.
  • Acidic pH helps avoid pathogenic organisms at the root level.
  • Improves effectiveness of insecticides and fungicides.
  • Works very well in acidic and alkaline soils.
  • Highly compatible with liquid and hydrosoluble fertilizers.
  • NOTE: It is recommended to sub-divide total dosage for better results. After 8 days you will see results so it is recommended to continue application until the total dosage is applied.