Ergro Stim

  • Promotes enzymatic activity and the vegetative metabolism in transpiration and synthesis.
  • Increases proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and growing hormones, resulting in better flowering and fruit holding for an increase in quality and quantity of yields.
  • Helps form nucleic acids, ensuring the synthesis of amino acids and transformation in proteins.
  • Increases sugar quality and helps generate more uniform fruit maturity, while extending the growth cycle.
  • Stimulates chlorophyll activity, increasing photosynthesis, growth promotion and root development for better nutrient absorption.
  • Improves cell renewal to replace older cells within plants.
  • Helps plants and seeds withstand stress.
  • Increases flowering and flower holding, thus reducing flower loss.
  • Helps balance the reserves of sugar, starch, and moisture to prevent damage caused by freezing or drought.
  • Improves the quality and quantity of flowers and fruits, increasing aroma, flavor and shelf life.

Ingredients and Mode of Action

Ergro Stim’s exclusive formula contains the active ingredients Acid N-Acetil-Tiazoldin 4 Carboxilium (AATC), folic acid and fulvic acid, as well as (additional product ingredients here).

  • AATC increases plant metabolism for better response during stress conditions.
  • AATC passes through internal and external barriers to reach the vegetative cell, where it helps balance amino acids during periods of stress.
  • Ergro Stim also contains folic acid that stimulates growth and protein regeneration.
  • Fulvic acid helps Ergro Stim’s active ingredients permeate the plant to ensure optimum balance throughout.

Formulation and Use

Ergro Stim concentrated liquid mixes completely with water and can be applied to seeds before planting, or sprayed on crops post emergence. Application can take place concurrently with normal fertilizers. Apply Ergro Stim immediately before or after crop stress to help plants recover rapidly.