Ergro® Win

  • Ergro® Win is a foliar nutrient that contains high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorous with micronutrients and fulvic acids, considered the best organic matter available.
  • The fulvic acids in the formulation provide supplemental plant nutrition while helping maintain soil moisture.
  • Ergro® Win is recommended for use in all kind of crops.


  • Provides necessary nutrition to satisfy plant needs during flowering and fructification.
  • Increases the cell permeability.
  • The balance of macro- and micro-nutrients increases plant quality and overall yield.
  • Promotes quantity and increases quality of flowers and fruits.
  • Helps prevent flower loss and ensures flower holding.
  • Promotes early fruit formation, which helps ensure future production.
  • Maintains root development.
  • Excellent aerial plant development for more vigorous plants.
  • Increases the quality and quantity of the crops.

Mode of Action

  • Ergro Win penetrates the stomas of foliage and stems, providing the necessary nitrogen and phosphorous at flowering and fructification, readying the crop for maturity.
  • Includes fulvic acids which help transport nutrients throughout the plant.