Where do Ag Nutrition products come from?2017-04-12T19:29:54+00:00

Ag Nutrition products are manufactured by Ergo, a Mexican company founded in 1988 by Rafael Funes and his son, Alfonso Funes. Ergo offices are located in Mexico City, with additional locations throughout Central America. Ag Nutrition is the exclusive North American distributor of these products.

Does Ag Nutrition offer research and development support?2017-02-21T17:39:07+00:00

Research and development is ongoing at Chapingo University in Mexico.

Do Ag Nutrition products have registrations?2017-04-12T19:29:26+00:00

Ag Nutrition products have been registered for use in several US states including Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Florida and Georgia, with additional applications pending. Outside the US, growers in Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua use these same products with positive results on a wide variety of crops. Additional registrations are being sought in regions throughout the Americas.

Where are Ag Nutrition products being used?2017-04-12T19:30:21+00:00

These products are used in many regions in Central and North America. Ag Nutrition is the exclusive US distributor of Ergro products. These same products are in use throughout Mexico, through distributor Quimica Lucava, and in Central America, distributed by Conagro.

Are Ag Nutrition products organic?2017-02-21T17:39:23+00:00

Ergro products are known as “semi-organic,” formulated via four technologies: traditional fertilizers (chemical technology); biological growth promoters (biological enzymatic technology); fulvic acids; and water retainers produced by organic methods.

Why is fulvic acid beneficial?2017-04-12T19:28:57+00:00

Fulvic acid acts as a chelating agent. As the smallest of the acid radicals and due to its small molecular size, it can take on several times its weight in nutrients. Fulvic acid acts as a catalyst taking on other macro- and micronutrients, bonding with them so they can assimilate into the plant. When this happens, nutrients from fertilization assimilate into the plant, rather than staying dormant in the ground.

Fulvic acids are good for everything?2017-01-10T16:11:57+00:00

Present in all Ergro products, fulvic acids derived from the decomposition of vegetative sources (organic) are good for all crops because they have an acid pH, are stable in acid and alkaline environments. Fulvic acids derived from mineral sources – the Leonardite method – have an alkaline pH and and can alter the environment to alkaline, which is not ideal for nutrient assimilation.

Are fulvic acids considered nutrients?2017-01-10T16:14:10+00:00

Fulvic acids are trans-locator and chelating agents, helping transport and assimilate macro- and micronutrients to plants. Fulvic acids also provide needed organic matter to soil and plants.

Are high concentrations of humic acids in other products good for my plants?2017-04-12T19:30:52+00:00

No. Humic acid is less soluble, so when concentrations are high, this doesn’t mean the product will be soluble and easily assimilated by plants. The only soluble acids from the three radical acids in water – humic, umic and fulvic – are fulvic acids like those present in Ag Nutrition products.

Which of the three radical acids is better?2017-01-10T16:15:40+00:00

Fulvic acid from vegetative organic matter has an acid pH, does not have sediments, and is highly soluble.

What chelating agents are used in Ergro products?2017-01-10T16:16:34+00:00

Ergro products include fulvic acids derived from organic origin.

I’ve heard that Ergro products have hormones, which explains the quick effect seen when applied. Is this true?2017-01-10T16:17:19+00:00

No. Ergro products don’t contain hormones. They have biological growth promoters from enzymatic sources, which promote growth in the hormones naturally present in plants.

What happens if I exceed recommended dosages of Ag Nutrition products?2017-02-21T17:39:40+00:00

While we recommend you follow all application directions for all products, in cases where we have seen growers exceed recommended dosages, we have not seen any damage to crops.

Are Ag Nutrition products liquid or solid?2017-04-12T19:31:18+00:00

Ag Nutrition products are available as soluble powders, soluble liquids and granular formulations. Soluble powders can be applied via foliar spray, while granular formulations can be mixed with granular fertilizers. Ergro Set LSS slurry can be mixed with soluble soil fertilizers.

Will it be easy to apply?2017-04-12T19:31:48+00:00

The two granular soil products (Ergro Set 20G and Hydro Ergro Set) can be mixed in your initial fertilization administered to the soil. Ergro Set LSS (liquid product) can be used in your irrigation system, or applied via drench method. Other Ag Nutrition products are foliar sprays and can be combined with any sprays you use. Pesticides and herbicides can be combined with the Ergro products and will not degrade the efficacy of the pesticides, herbicides or Ergro products.

Are Ag Nutrition products designed to be applied via foliar application only?2017-02-21T17:40:00+00:00

No, they can be applied via foliar and soil application.

Can Ag Nutrition products be applied with granular fertilizers?2017-02-21T17:40:11+00:00

Yes, however when mixed with urea, we recommend immediate application, as they are very hygroscopic. It is recommended that you use other nitrogen sources like sulfates or nitrates, or encapsulated urea to avoid unintended reactions.

How long will it take to see results once your products are applied?2017-03-21T16:46:35+00:00

Growers typically notice a substantial — and visible — difference within 25 to 30 days post-emergence.

I use drip irrigation or gravity irrigation. Can I still use your products?2017-03-16T22:25:02+00:00

Yes.  With drip and gravity irrigation, we recommend using the Ergro Set LSS, which has the benefits of the granular products and is totally compatible with liquid fertilizers.

Can I apply Ag Nutrition products with other products?2017-04-12T19:32:12+00:00

Yes. Ag Nutrition products won’t interfere with commonly used insecticides, pesticides and fungicides.

When should I apply products to my tank mix?2017-04-12T19:32:49+00:00

Ag Nutrition recommends you add our products before others in your tank because Ergro products will stabilize the pH of water and facilitate dilution of other products being added.

Can I apply Ergro Set LSS with central pivot irrigation?2017-01-10T16:32:08+00:00


How many times do I have to apply Ergro Set 20G or Hydro Ergro Set to the soil?2017-01-10T16:32:51+00:00

AgNutrition recommends a single application, coinciding with the first fertilization.

So, is Ergro Set LSS applied in the same way as granulated products?2017-01-10T16:33:33+00:00

No. With Ergro Set LSS, we recommend you divide the total dosage into 2 or 3 applications.

How does Ergro Crop benefit plants?2017-01-10T16:34:18+00:00

Ergro Crop helps promote the growth during the plant’s development, flowering, fructification and fruit filling. Since Ergro Crop is a biological growth promoter, it works in all stages of growth.

What is Ergro Stim?2017-01-10T16:35:15+00:00

Ergro Stim includes L-cysteine and folic acid, enriched with fulvic acids. It generates foliar mass, promotes emergence and helps prevent abortions, leading to better pollination and fruit formation. It is recommended during all crop stages.

What is Ergro Amin L?2017-04-12T19:33:28+00:00

Ergro Amin L is rich in amino and fulvic acids, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as micronutrients. Ag Nutrition recommends Ergro Amin L application when crops show stress or other damage. In normal conditions, Ergro Amin L increases plant vigor while providing greater strength.

What in Ergro Win?2017-01-10T16:36:36+00:00

Ergro Win is a strategic fertilizer applied at the flowering stage of the crop. This promotes excellent flowering while enhancing the beginning of fructification.

What is Ergro K Excel?2017-01-10T16:37:20+00:00

Ergro K Excel is a fertilizer designed to be applied at fruit formation that will increase fruit size and uniformity, while enhancing flavor and aroma. Properly applied, Ergro K Excel can also increase the shelf life of fruit.

AgNutrition products seem expensive. Wouldn’t it be better for me to spend that money on fertilizer?2017-01-10T16:38:03+00:00

If a plant receives a high amount of fertilizer, it saturates itself and blocks nutrient assimilation. Plants assimilate nutrients better with Ergro products because fulvic acids act as chelating agents.

Your products help plants retain water. Do I need to use it in my greenhouse since I use drip Irrigation?2017-01-10T16:38:41+00:00

Hydro Ergro Set products, when applied in the bed or the row, will generate bulbs containing moisture and nutrients for the plants’ use. You may also be able to reduce water use while plants absorb maximum nutrition.

How effectively do Ag Nutrition products retain water? And how does it work?2017-02-21T17:40:42+00:00

Hydro Ergro Set is a natural water retainer that responds to plants’ need for the water. Unlike other products, Hydro Ergro Set does not use plastic polymers commonly used in disposable diapers.

I have problems with salts in the soil. Will Ag Nutrition products help?2017-02-21T17:40:51+00:00

Ergro Set LSS will help salts in fertilizers become more available, unblocking the fertilizers already in the soil. Antagonist salts will be evacuated from the root growth zone.

Is Ergro Set LSS helpful in unblocking dripping belts?2017-01-10T16:40:45+00:00

Yes. By eliminating calcium carbonates accumulation, dripping belts will distribute water and nutrients more uniformly.

I apply phosphoric acid via dripping belts and this seems cheaper than using your products. Am I correct?2017-01-10T16:41:21+00:00

This approach may be less expensive initially, but the long-term impact results in shorter belt life and greater damage to your application equipment. This can also damage the microbial flora in the soil over the long term, altering the pH condition and the electric conductivity of the plant to dangerous levels. Ergro Set LSS does not damage belts. In fact, Ergro Set LSS enhances the structure of the plant, increases microbial flora in the soil, unblocks native fertilizers and helps make the crop more profitable by improving absorption of water and soil nutrients.

How can I tell that your product is reaching all of the dripping belts?2017-01-10T16:42:22+00:00

Place some white plastic lids in 10 random spots under the belts. The solution will be a light brown color, visible on the white lids. When you check the pH of this solution, it will be lower, less alkaline.

I have acidic soil and water, so I don’t need products that are acidic. Will your products hurt my plants?2017-04-12T19:34:54+00:00

Ag Nutrition products will not harm your plants. They are very stable in acidic soil and water and will not amplify acidic hydrolysis. The pH does not vary.

Will Ergro products help with my pH levels and how?2017-01-10T16:46:47+00:00

The pH of Ergro products is acidic. Since many water sources have water that is highly alkaline, Ergro products lower pH levels into more plant-friendly ranges. We have seen the pH of alkaline water drop to levels in the 4-6 range.

I use worm compost and worm lixiviation in my soils – do I even need your products?2017-01-10T16:47:30+00:00

Most of these materials have an alkaline pH and when applied to plants, can cause damage or burning. Because of their acidic pH levels, Ergro products won’t damage or burn plants.

We add composts to soil and that seems to work very well for us. Why sould we use your products?2017-01-10T16:48:53+00:00

Ergro products complement compost, helping them degrade. This helps plants better absorb compost nutrients through the micro flora.

Will your products replace the fertilization program that I have been using for years?2017-01-10T16:49:37+00:00

Ergro products will not replace fertilization products, but they will complement them. Fertilizers will better assimilate to the soil and improve your overall investment. Ergro foliar products are an ideal complement of soil fertilization and will correct plant deficiencies faster.

How can Ag Nutrition products be applied to help biological growth promoters?2017-02-21T17:41:11+00:00

Ergro products can be applied to the seed to accelerate germination and plant emergence. They can be applied to foliage during development, flowering, and fructification (maturity). They can also be applied via the soil to stimulate root formation and to increase micro flora.

I thought it wasn’t good to apply products with many nutrients because the plant doesn’t need all of them. Is this right?2017-01-10T16:51:38+00:00

No. Plants have a high capacity to assimilate and use nutrients. Plants will increase uptake of properly applied nutrients ultimately grow better, producing better yields.

Is your water retainer a chemical polymer?2017-01-10T16:52:20+00:00

No, it is an organic hydrocolloid with the capacity to absorb water many times its weight. In addition, it is biodegradable, used by the roots and assimilated by the soil micro flora.

Does your water retainer product have the same life of a chemical polymer product?2017-01-10T16:53:10+00:00

No. Since the hydrocolloid in Ergro products is organic, it has a maximum life of 7 to 8 months in the soil. AgNutrition recommends reapplying before the next crop.

Do I have any risk of adding pathogens in the soil that affect the established plant?2017-01-10T16:54:03+00:00

No. Hydro Ergro Set contains an acid pH that does not contribute to or add pathogens to the soil.

How do I apply Hydro Ergro Set?2017-01-10T16:54:40+00:00

Mix Hydro Ergro Set with granulated fertilizer, then incorporate it into the soil. It should be applied immediately and not left outside.

Are Ergro products organic?2017-01-10T16:55:57+00:00

Ergro products are not certified as organic, however Ergro is manufactured using organic methods (as opposed to the Leonardite method).

Can I get free product for trial use?2017-04-12T19:35:33+00:00

Depending on specific circumstances, Ag Nutrition may provide sample products for trial. We will need to know specifics on the crop and we would ask that when you see the results, you would share that information. And of course, we would hope you buy our products when successful results are realized.

So is this an add-on to what I use now?2017-01-10T16:57:15+00:00

Yes.  We recommend you continue normal fertilization programs. Ergro products will enhance your current program and make it work better. Plus, with the addition of the micronutrients and fulvic acid in the Ergro products, your crops will reach their full potential, resulting in a healthier crop, higher yields, and crops that are better able to withstand stress.

Will it work on all my crops?2017-01-10T16:58:04+00:00

Yes! Ergro products work naturally in all plants, so positive results will be seen in all crops.

What research results are available on US crops?2017-01-10T16:58:52+00:00

A study was completed on cotton at Texas Tech University in 2015. More studies are underway for seedless watermelon, cantaloupe, fresh market tomatoes and other crops.

Is the cost reasonable?2017-01-10T17:01:07+00:00

Yes, particularly when viewed with results. We have seen yield increases from 15% to 48% for crops, providing generous returns on your input investments with Ergro products.

Is the seed treatment effective and why?2017-01-10T17:02:36+00:00

We have seen seeds treated with Ergro Stim start to germinate just four hours post-application. Ergro Stim promotes enzymatic activity and vegetative metabolism in transpiration and synthesis. It also increases proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and natural growth hormones that result in better flowering and fruit holding for an increase in quality and quantity of yields.

How quickly will I see results?2017-01-10T17:03:36+00:00

We have seen seed treatments work to help germination of the seed in just 4 hours. After applying the product to the crops, we have seen significant response after just 7 days.

Will Ag Nutrition products help with damaged crops?2017-04-12T19:36:24+00:00

Yes! Ag Nutrition products have been very beneficial in crops that have been stressed by too much or too little rain, temperature extremes – even frost. And by applying before damage occurs, Ag Nutrition products help crops resist stresses that may occur during the growing season.

Will Ag Nutrition products improve my soil?2017-02-21T17:41:34+00:00

Ergro Products help break up existing macronutrients in the soil so they can be assimilated into plantd. These products also help improve soil pH and will improve micronutrient levels in the soil.

What is carbon-12?2017-01-10T17:08:24+00:00

Carbon occurs naturally as carbon12, which makes up almost 99% of carbon in the universe. Carbon-12 is found, in most cases, as a solid – in silica rocks. It can also be found in a soft state, liquid, slurry, and gas. In most cases when carbon-12 is in a gaseous form, plants absorb it from the atmosphere via photosynthesis.

Carbon-12 is the main element that forms all structures of life. This process starts with amino acids, which in turn form proteins. Proteins form the genetic spiral, the chromosomes from which lead to cellular division, which then cause peptide chain formation, metabolic, physiologic and biochemical reactions. This is the pattern on which plants germinate, grow, flower, and fructify.

When carbon-12 levels in ionic diffusion reach optimum form and is maintained, plants are nourished, allowing them to reach their genetic potential, producing fruits and vegetables.

It’s important to know that plants don’t produce carbon-12 because of nutrition imbalances in the concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere.

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