Hydro Ergro Set

Fertilizer additive designed to be applied to the soil to optimize initial fertilization. More

Ergro Set LSS

Fertilizer additive designed to be applied to the soil to optimize initial fertilization. More

Ergro Set 20G

Ergro® Set 20G is an additive designed to optimize the initial fertilization program. Recommended for all agricultural crops, Ergro® Set 20G is designed to be mixed with all type of granular soil fertilizers. More

Liquid Foliar

Ergro Crop

Ergro® Crop is a new foliar biological growth promoter developed by a high- technology fermentation process. Composed of enzymes, digested protein, macro and micronutrients in balanced concentrations, and enriched with fulvic acids, Ergro® Crop promotes natural development of plant hormones, which increase metabolic functions and growth. More

Ergro Stim

Promotes enzymatic activity and the vegetative metabolism in transpiration and synthesis. More

Ergro Amin L

New from AG Nutrition, Ergro® Amin L is formulated with a high percentage of natural amino acids, fulvic acids, combined with essential plant nutrients. More

Ergro Soil L-40

Humic substances comprise the major organic components of soil and are produced when organic matter biodegrades, providing nutrients for plant growth. Among humic substances, fulvic acids provide supplemental plant nutrition while helping maintain soil moisture. More

Ergro Kel Calcium

Kel Calcium is from a line of foliar micro nutrients chelated with EDTA , Fulvic Acids, complimented with Magnesium and Boron. The chelated product maintains the elements in a soluble form which is not ionized, resulting in maximum assimilation by the plants. More

Solid Foliar

Ergro Fol

Ergro® Fol is a foliar nutrient that contains balanced concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, combined with micronutrients and fulvic acids. More

Ergro Win

Ergro® Win is a foliar nutrient that contains high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorous with micronutrients and fulvic acids, considered the best organic matter available. More

Ergro K Excel

Ergro® K Excel is a foliar nutrient with high concentrations of phosphorous and potassium, complemented with boron and zinc. These nutrients correct deficiencies when applied properly. More