Ergro Fol

Helps prevent late plant deformations

Ergro Fol stands out as a comprehensive foliar nutrient, providing essential macro elements in precisely balanced proportions to support robust plant development. Enriched with fulvic acids within the humic complex, this formulation exhibits exceptional solubility in water.

This versatile foliar nutrient, Ergro Fol, can be applied as needed throughout the growing season. Its adaptability allows for multiple applications, economically complementing overall crop nutrition strategies. By integrating Ergro Fol into your agricultural practices, you enhance the nutrient profile available to plants, ultimately contributing to healthier growth and more fruitful harvests.

Ergro Fol


  • Provides necessary nutrition to satisfy plant needs during growing and development phase
  • Increases cell permeability
  • Enhances plant development in the vegetative stage, growing stronger, healthier stems and leaves
  • Excellent deficiency corrector
  • Helps prevent late plant deformations
  • Generates aggressive plant development
  • Excellent for transplanting
  • 100% water soluble

Mode of Action

  • Penetrates via the stomas of foliage and stems, delivering necessary nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium at the growing and development stages, preparing the crop for flowering
  • Includes fulvic acids which help transport nutrients throughout the plant


Ergro® Fol 20-30-10

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