Ergro Soil L-40

Improves nutrient and fertilizer assimilation for better metabolic growth

Ergro Soil L-40 stands out as a potent solution with a remarkable 40% concentration of fulvic acid. This high dose product plays a crucial role in enhancing soil health and productivity. By fostering microbiological activity within the soil, Ergro Soil L-40 effectively breaks down challenging soil types like clay and bolsters soil structure. The introduction of beneficial microflora aerates the soil, enhances water retention, and unlocks nutrients previously inaccessible to plants. This enables easier assimilation of nutrients by plants, thereby promoting their growth and vitality.

Ergro Soil L-40 serves to stabilize soil structure, leading to improved soil conditions and fostering robust root development. Its capacity to form organic complexes with herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides strengthens their efficacy and extends their reach. This synergistic action not only enhances the efficiency of agricultural inputs but also contributes to overall health and yield.

Emersoil L-40


  • Increases the microbiological activity in the soil improving the physical, chemical and biological characteristics
  • Used as a chelating agent to improve performance of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides
  • Maximizes the full genetic expression of the plant
  • Promotes seed germinatin
  • Enhances flowering, fructification and overall plant quality and crop yield
  • Gathers minerals and increases air in soil allowing for better assimilation and root development


Enersoil L-40

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