Hydro Ergro® Set

Additive granular root enhancer with water retainer

Hydro Ergro Set is a solid additive root enhancer meticulously crafted to optimize the initial fertilization program. Conditioned with organic hydrocolloids, it serves a dual purpose—providing essential nutrition and acting as a water retainer. This innovative design ensures a gradual release of retained water, aligning with the crop’s specific water requirements. Hydro Ergro Set is especially recommended for wet and sandy soils, offering effective support in stimulating and promoting plant growth across all plants and crops. This nutrient-rich enhancer comprises essential elements such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, contributing to a comprehensive and balanced plant nutrition strategy.

Hydro Ergro Set


  • Absorbs water several times its weight and doses according to plant needs
  • Activates soil fertilizers and improves assimilation
  • Increases micro flora
  • Promotes root formation
  • Increases quality and plant yield
  • Excellent plant aerial development
  • Promotes more vigorous plants
  • Allows maximum physiological and genetic expression
  • Last up to 6 months before biologically broken down

Mode of Action

  • Hydro Ergro Set is impregnated in an inert granular, compatible with the size of granular fertilizers
  • Its double action formulation combines and immediate effect upon contact with the soil humidity with a slow release action that gradually releases ingredients in liquid form
  • At the time Hydro Ergro Set is hydrated, it retains the fertilizer releasing it slowly
  • As nutrients (native and added) become available for assimilation, Hydro Ergro Set helps plants absorb them
  • Acidic pH helps avoid pathogenic organisms at the root level
  • Improves effectiveness of insecticides and fungicides
  • Hydro Ergro Set is available at the rizosphere, allowing nutrient uptake through plant and foliar areas


Hydro Ergro® Set

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