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Fruits & Vegetables

In the quest to optimize inputs while preserving soil and plant well-being, Ergo products emerge as essential allies. By improving soil health and nurturing the growth of premium crops with higher yields, Ergo reduces production costs and minimizes reliance on chemical inputs.

When applied, Ergo rapidly delivers vital plant nutrition, stimulating beneficial microbial growth and converting insoluble soil nutrients into a usable form. This process not only enhances fertilizer uptake but also strengthens the plant’s defense system, bolstering resilience against adverse conditions.

As your farm undergoes a remarkable transformation with Ergo, its indispensability becomes evident. Ergo’s unmatched effectiveness will convince you that these products are fundamental to your farming strategy. Invest in Ergo today, and let the undeniable results affirm your commitment to the health and success of your plants and crops.

It was a pleasure working with Ag Nutrition. After consecutive poor years of tomato crops, I set out a goal for myself to raise better tomatoes. I began the Ergo Fertilization Program. When I first noticed the products were working was after I used the Set LSS. After the Set LSS the plants really took off. My plants had thick stems and formed a nice canopy. I could tell it was going to be a good year. For fertilizing I used the Fol for growing stage, Win for flowering stage and the K Excel for maturity. I used the Crop and Stim every time I fertilized. I can honestly say this has been one of the best tomato crops I have ever raised. The number of tomatoes and size of them was the best I’ve ever grown. I weighed one of the larger tomatoes at twenty-one ounces. I plan to purchase again next year and add the Ergo Amin L as well.

– Tomato Grower, Indiana

We used Ag Nutrition products on our pumpkins this year. When they started to show mildew, about mid-August, we sprayed the nutrients. We usually have a hard time keeping the plants alive once they get mildew. This year, it was different. We began picking pumpkins the first of September. We had nice, green plants mid-October with a lot of pumpkins and even green ones. We only sprayed the one time and about two weeks later, they were nice and green.

– Pumpkin Grower, Ohio

I have been using fertilizer from Ag Nutrition for one year now and have had some wonderful results on everything I used it on. Especially the strawberries in the greenhouse. Had the best crop ever this year.

– Indiana Amish Grower

We were having problems in our vegetable garden and our high tunnels. We bought, LSS, Ergo Crop and Stim. What a difference we have seen. It helped with blossom-end-rot, increased the size of the vegetable plants, as well as the vegetables and fruit when they matured. What a difference. We would highly recommend Ag Nutrition to all growers. What was so good as well, the sales team never left us on our own. Trust is what a grower needs and with Ag Nutrition you will receive it.

– S & E Produce, Indiana


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Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits & Vegetables