“We used your fertilizer on our pumpkins this year. When they started to show mildew, about mid-August, we sprayed the fertilizer. Usually, we had a hard time to keep the plants alive when they got mildew. This year, it was different. We start picking pumpkins the first of September. We still have nice, green plants mid-October with a lot of pumpkins and even green ones. We only sprayed the one time and about two weeks later, it was nice and green.

“Thanks so much for the fertilizer.”

– The Swartz family, Sullivan, Ohio


Grower started with 200 2-year-old organic onion seeds. He selected 100 seeds and treated them, adding 12ml of Ergro Crop and 12ml of Ergro Stim to 1/2 gallon of water.  The other 100 seeds were not treated. 


– Treated seeds started to germinate in 2 days with all 100 seeds germinated.

– Untreated seeds germinated in 7 days with only 61 seeds germinated. 

– After 14 days, the 100 treated onions were 33% taller than the untreated onions, with longer, larger roots

– Jim Patterson, H-W Farms,Sullivan, Ohio

Chili Peppers

Grower planted a 250’ row of chili peppers, treating the first 20 plants with organic fish emulsion fertilizer.  

The next 20 plants were treated with Ergo Products. He top-dressed each plant with Ergro Hydro Set and foliar sprayed each plant with Ergro Crop and Ergro Stim, repeating this process every 20 plants until he reached the end of the 250 row. He then sprayed the plants every 4 weeks. The plants were sprayed every four weeks, using the same emulsion or Ergro products, with all plants sprayed on the same days.

These photos were taken October 14, 2016. This was the fourth picking of peppers for each plant.  As you can see, the fish emulsion-treated plant had 16 peppers, while the the plant treated with Ergro products had 96 peppers — an increase of 600%. 

Plant stalks were measured: the fish emulsion-treated plant had a 1mm diameter, while the Ergro products-treated plant had a stalk measuring 5mm in diameter.

Side note: this field went without rain during a 33-day drought.

– Jim Patterson, H-W Farms, Sullivan, Ohio

King Arthur Peppers

Grower planted King Arthur peppers in a 250′ row, treating the first 20 peppers with his normal fish emulsion fertilizer. He treated the next 20 peppers with Ergro Products, top-dressing with Ergro Set 20G and foliar sprayed with Ergro Crop and Ergro Stim, repeated this treatment for both groups of peppers every 4 weeks. 

Grower picked 5 peppers to compare results. As you can see in the photos, the fish emulsion-treated peppers where 5″ tall with a combined weight of 1.3 lbs. The peppers treated with Ergro Products were 7.5″ tall with a combined weight of 2.5 lbs.

– Jim Patterson, H-W Farms, Sullivan, Ohio


In January, 2015, grower took potato starts and planted them in his basement in starter trays, spraying the one tray with the Ergro Stim (12 ml in 32 oz. of water). The second tray was not treated. The photo was taken seven days later.

– Jim Patterson, H-W Farms, Sullivan, Ohio


Grower picked up diseased tomato plants in flats. His local supplier was preparing to throw them away and grower wanted to test Ergro’s products to see how they might perform. 

Grower treated them with the Ergro Stim on 2/10/16. One week later, you can see the difference the treatment made.

– Jim Patterson, H-W Farms, Sullivan, Ohio

“The Produts Ergro Set 20G and Ergro Set LSS are excellent fertilizer additives and biocatalyzers, they promote an excellent rooting system and add the necessary Organic Matter for the soil.”

– Santos Gregorio Cruz Cruz, Distributor, El Salvador, C.A.


“I have been using fertilizer from Ag Nutrition for one year now and have had some wonderful results on everything I used it on. Especially the strawberries in the greenhouse. Had the best crop ever this year.”

– Lyle Troyer, Amish Grower, Milroy, Indiana


“It was a pleasure working with Mike Vargo from Ag Nutrition this summer. After consecutive poor years of tomato crops, I set out a goal for myself to raise better tomatoes. I met Mike at the Indiana Horticulture Congress trade show this year. After talking with Mike for a few minutes he recommended some of his products. I took home his brochures and business card and researched his products. I felt that his products would be a great fit for me. I contacted Mike and he offered to come out to our farm to show me the products. Mike started me on the Ergo Fertilization Program. When I first noticed the products were working was after I used the Set LSS. After the Set LSS the plants really took off. My plants had thick stems and formed a nice canopy. I could tell it was going to be a good year. For fertilizing I used the Fol for growing stage, Win for flowering stage and the K Excel for maturity.  I used the Crop and Stim every time I fertilized. I can honestly say this has been one of the best tomato crops I have ever raised. The amount of tomatoes and size of them was the best I’ve ever grown. I weighed one of the larger tomatoes at twenty one ounces. I plan to purchase again next year and add the Ergo Amine L as well.”

– John Snedeker, Indianapolis, Indiana


“We met Mike Vargo at a trade show in Indianapolis, IN. We had talked with him about some problems we were having in our vegetable garden and our high-tunnels. He came down and visited with us and showed us some of the products that might help us. We did buy into products like, LSS, Ergo Crop and a bottle of Stim. What a difference we have seen. It helped with blossom-end-rot, increased the size of the vegetable plants, as well as the vegetables and fruit when they matured. What a difference. We would highly recommend Ag Nutrition to all growers. What was so good as well, Mike never left us on our own. He would either call or stop by to make sure everything was working as it should. Always helpful in anyway. Trust is what a grower needs and with Ag Nutrition you will receive it.”

Steve and Elaine Dougherty, S & E Produce, Greenwood, Indiana


“Mike Vargo with Ag Nutrition provides products that are a vital part of our protocol at Rotary Club of Fishers Indiana Community Garden. Without his products of Fulvic Acid, Micro & Macro Nutrients, we would not be able to produce the amount of food for food pantries that we have in the past few years. In 2016 we produced about 1100 lb of fresh produce, starting with extremely young plants. In 2017 using Mike’s products we were able to produce 1700 lb of fresh produce. That’s a 54% increase! And, this was using 20% less land as well. In 2018 we used Mike’s products in propagating from seed to harvest and we were able to produce 3500 lb of fresh produce – that equals out to over 28,000 servings of food, on the same plot of land as 2017. We have also started to pre-treat the seeds before planting to help them germinate and with Mike’s products some of the seeds were germinating in just a mere hours. With the help of Mike and his products, we have been able to provide more servings of food to the community than ever before.”

The Rotary Club of Fishers, Indiana

“Here at Schlegel Greenhouse, we are focused on producing the highest quality plants and flowers for our customers. A critical component of our work is ensuring that our growing plants receive proper nutrition in a soluble, ready to use form.  We propagate almost all of our young plant material personally and have had tremendous success utilizing AG Nutrition Crop, Stim, Amin and L-40 to ensure high quality results.  These fertilizers are great because they allow us to target specific nutritional needs- from propagation to finish growing- and are formulated with Fulvic acids that work as highly soluble chelating agents to aid in the uptake and assimilation of nutrients.  The results have been spectacular for us: healthy and vigorous rooting, balanced canopy growth and vibrant, long-lasting flowers!

Product quality and value means a lot- we appreciate the fact that these fertilizers and supplements are produced through organic processes with great attention to quality and consistency!  We look forward to continued success working with Mike Vargo of Ag Nutrition and we offer a sincere Thank You to Mike for all his support and professionalism!”

Jonathon Hensley, Grower, Schlegel Greenhouse, Indianapolis

“When Mike first came to Rolling Meadows in June of 2018 we were having the worst weather possible for maintaining a golf course. We went from winter to summer with no spring to help us get a growing start. On December 12, 2017 we had two weeks of warm weather and were able to lay 4 greens worth of bent grass sod to extend greens 2, 6, 7 and 8. Mike Came to us right as the weather began to heat up and couldn’t have been a more perfect time. With the help of his product Ergo Stim, Ergo Crop, and Ergo Admin L, I sprayed every two weeks 32 ounces of each product per 4 acres over the course of the driest summer to date; we were able to maintain bent grass and promote root growth. I told Mike,  “The Greens have never looked better. THEY ARE GLOWING.” I sprayed no other chemicals on the green except for a Fungicide. Now Rolling Meadows greens are almost perfect. The sod has completely grown in and they still have that shine to them. As I have told other in the surrounding area, “If you don’t believe me come on out and check them out for yourself, THE PROOFS IN THE PUDDING.”

Spraying Greens with Micronutrient can be expensive but with Ag Nutrition we were able to spray the greens for a fraction of the normal price it would have been with a normal turf company. These products seem too good to be true, but they really work, and are quite affordable. We hope to see many other golf courses see our results and invest it this product. “IT WORKED FOR US.”

Rolling Meadows has been under new owner ship since 2016. After the Original owner passed in 2014 the golf course declined and essentially was left to grow for a year. I was faced with a mountain to climb.  With no budget and almost no equipment we were able to get a mower and took a line from the driving range tee all the way up to where number one green sits now. Over the course of the next couple of years we were able to gain ground and get people out there playing.  There was very little bent grass on the greens and a lot of bare spots but that didn’t stop us from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Over the last 4 years Rolling Meadows has made huge strides with the help of new ownership getting the equipment we needed and was able to maintain a good spray program.  With Mike Vargo giving us a great product through Ag Nutrition, the course has never looked better. We went from having 1 inch root growth in the greens system to now having 4 to 6-inch root growth in some areas. Just look at the Plugs from May of 2019.  They would not have looked like this if we would not have sprayed them with Mike’s Products.

Thank you, Mike and Ag Nutrition.”

Steve Stanger, Superintendent, Rolling Meadows Golf Club

At Halsema Hemp Farms we have been using standard fertilizer from a hydroponic store that was used through the ground into the roots. It worked ok but wasn’t good enough. We encountered inconsistent color and growth. Half way through our season we were introduced to Mike Vargo and Ag­Nutrition. They totally made a difference in our year. With Mike’s advice and using their products, my hemp plants simply took off. All the deficiencies were gone. Nice even color was present with very substantial growth. My buds were very large and healthy. This foliar spray has completely advanced our methods of getting great nutrients into our plants. The difference is tremendous. I would definitely recommend these products for any type of plant fertilizer program.”

Halsema Hemp Farms, Clarks Hill, Indiana

“I used the Ergo Products from Ag Nutrition on my Hemp crop in 2020.  Ag Nutrition is the very best products I have ever used.  Our Hemp crop was some of the best Hemp in Ohio according to the Ohio Hemp Inspector.

Mike makes using the Ag Nutrition products so easy because he has prepared a plan with dates when to apply the products.  The products come in easy to use containers, the products do not clogged the drip lines, and I even tried to burn a plant by over fertilizing it and all it did was turn the plant greener!

When I had the Hemp processed, I received a higher CBD % because of the use of Mike’s products on my Hemp.

Thanks to Mike and his products.  We had a great Hemp crop this past year.”

Steve Ayers, Heritage Farms Hemp, Georgetown, OH